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Frequently Ask Questions for our Charity Partners

How does title move from public to ultimate disposition?

The transfer of ownership begins when the donor signs the back of the official vehicle registration. Our agents complete the process on behalf of our donors. It is completed when the vehicle sells.

How is value established? By whom? Based on what?

We have two possible sale procedures that help us to maximize the highest donation amount possible for the charities; auto recycling and auctioning.

If your vehicle is selected for our recycle process, the donation amount for a recycled vehicle can be up to $100. This is dependent on the area in which it is located, and what the market will pay for the year/make/model at the time. The vehicle will be picked up by our towing agent at no cost to the donor. Towing is included for all recycled vehicles.

The other way we can process a vehicle is through the use of our Auction agents. There are many factors that go into qualifying a vehicle for sale by auction. These include but are not limited to; drivability, type of mechanical problems if any, age, damage, visual appearance, and odometer reading. If it is believed that a vehicle has adequate potential value for the auction sale process, this sale method would be appropriate.

All vehicles sold at auction are sold with an “as is” and “unreserved” (sold to the highest bidder) status. This ensures the sale is final, as well as protects the donor from having to provide a warranty to the buyer.  Processing costs are deducted from the sale price and these costs can include; lien searches, towing, gas, cleaning, auction fees and administrative fees.  After these deductions are dispersed, the net sale amount is donated to your charity.  The charity then sends a tax receipt to the vehicle owner for that amount.

Is there a minimum value threshold?

While auction outcomes can be unpredictable (sometimes resulting in very low donation outcomes), we aim to achieve at least a $100.00 outcome.

Does Donate-a-Car take any administration charge/fees?

DAC admin fees range from $0.00 to 20% of the final sale outcome. We average a fee of between 10% – and 15%. Donate a Car Canada is a business and not a non-profit so without those fees we would not be able to do the work of facilitating the process on behalf of donors and charities alike.

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