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What Passover Means To Me

By students of Har Tikvah Hebrew School

Samantha Madonic

Passover is special because Moses led the Jews away and G-d parted the sea to cross.  They had to hurry because the Egyptians were chasing them.  Then as soon as the Jews crossed, it washed all the Egyptians away.  But the main thing about Passover is the angel passed over whoever had the blood on their door and the angel killed the Pharaoh's son.  I think that finally it got through to Pharaoh.  Then all the parting of the sea happened.  I think I'm glad it happened because if it didn't, we would probably be slaves right now.


Ryan Bradley

Passover means a lot to me, because if it were not for G-d I would have been thrown into the Nile and would have died.  It also means a lot to me because G-d freed all the Jews and if it wasn't for Him, my family would maybe unfortunately slaves for the Pharaoh.

Melissa Kerman

Passover means to me that things can change.  It's more of the lesson: Good won't come until bad is here.  First we were slaves.  Then we became free.  Also we believed in G-d so He set us free.  Passover means that we are free now.  If He hadn't given us freedom, we would still be slaves in Egypt.  The 10th plague was the death of the first- born.  When we put lamb's blood on our doors to protect us from the angel of death, that tells you that Jews made an agreement with G-d not to kill us.

I also think Passover brings families together.  That is the best part of Passover.


Jacob Goldman

To me Passover is a holiday where the Jewish people were slaves and I get together with family and friends.  I come to Hebrew school and we celebrate here by having a model Seder, remembering G-d, and remembering the pain and the hard work of the Jewish people as slaves in Egypt.

Amanda Kerman

To me Passover is one of my favourite holidays and one of my favourite stories.  I also have a C.D. called the Soul Parade, which has lots of songs on it.  One of them is about Passover.  Every year when the story of Passover in on TV I watch it.  I like eating matzos even when it has the stuff that is like Nutalc.  I like Passover because it's fun and especially when the parents hide the matzos.  Passover is very, very special to me because we would still be slaves and that would be very scary.

Zachary Eichler

To me Passover is a time when I get together with family and friends.  We remember what happened in Egypt and we have a Seder.  At the Seder we tell the story of Passover and we thank G-d for what He did.  Also we eat a lot and we look for the afikomen.  I especially like Passover because I have my whole family to celebrate it with.

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